Mars - 7 Days


The ‘Mars’ package is our most popular ‘Trophy Hunt’ package.  If you’re have been looking for a new experience in game hunting then this could be exactly what you’ve been looking for.  The Farm offers the discerning hunter the most varieties of African antelope over a real mix of terrain. We have all the required facilities available including abattoir, cold room, salt room and capers. You can butcher yourself or our support staff are on hand to assist you, this truly is a full service game hunting experience. You will stay in private rooms with en-suite facilities in the centre of the farm; the accommodation is exemplary and support staff are on hand to assist you with your game hunting experience.

Book your 7 days from the adjacent calendar.

This is a 7 day trophy package.  You are exclusively with a guide who will be able to show you all the best places to stalk your prey.

Trophy's available for you to shoot are:-






Day 1
Arrive and Relax

Get yourself comfortable and make your way to the bar a chance to chat with your guide.

Day 2
First Hunt

Our guide will take you through our safety and then you start your hunt with a Warthog.

Day 3
Second Hunt

You will be taken through the undergrowth searching for Impala.

Day 4
Third Hunt

Now you're comfortable in the bush we can look for Blesbuck.

Day 5
Fourth Hunt

Your fourth day of hunting is for the iconic 'Springbok', the national animal of South Africa.

Day 6
Fifth Hunt - Day 1

The first day of our 2 day hunt for a Kudu. We will track and prepare for your perfect Kudu trophy hunt.

Day 7
Fifth Hunt - Day 2

The second day of our ghost hunting experience. If you were lucky enough to find that 'grey ghost' on day 1 we'll find you something else to shoot today. Otherwise this really will be the pinnacle of your trip. This is where planning and 'Real World Hunting' skills come in to their own.

Day 8

After Breakfast you will be taken to the airport.


  • Transport for pick-up and drop-off at the Port Elizabeth Airport.
  • Transport for the duration of your trip.
  • Accommodation, meals, beverages and small snacks.
  • Daily laundry.
  • Field preparation of all trophies and delivery to the taxidermy in Port Elizabeth.
  • Professional hunter, skinner and a tracker.

Not Included

  • Bar
Is there a hunting season?

Hunting in South Africa is possible through the year but the preferred periods during the year are from May through to September.

What language is spoken?

English is the predominant language with South Africans having renowned reputations for their friendly and hospitable approaches.

What type of game is available?

Olivewoods Game Farm offers the discerning hunter the option of most varieties of African antelope excluding those that are of danger to mankind and all the required facilities are available including abattoir, cold room, salt room and capers.

What else is there to do?

Visits to potentially view the “BIG FIVE” or a change of scenery, can be arranged at short notice. Fishing trips and deep sea boat excursions can be arranged from Port Elizabeth with other local venues being available which normally operate off the beach through the surf line or exiting river mouths