The ‘Zeus’ package is a ‘Trophy Hunt’ package, designed by you with our experts.  Perhaps you have been looking for a new experience in game hunting then this could be what you have been looking for.

Olivewoods Game Farm offers the discerning hunter the option of most varieties of African antelope excluding those that are of danger to mankind and all the required facilities are available including abattoir, cold room, salt room and capers. The accommodation is exemplary and support staff are on hand to assist you with your game hunting experience.

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Hunting on Olivewoods Game Farm due to its unique setting and conservation outlook is by way of rifles or the bow method, and in all cases the walk and stalk method of pursue is practised with a one on one hunter professional hunter approach offering individual attention. Should the client’s preference not be attainable or available on Olivewoods Game Farm, the resident professional hunter being the son of the father (the outfitter) will have numerous alternate locations at his disposal to satisfy your trophy requirements.